OJ Da Juiceman – Making the Trap Say Aye


OJ da Juiceman (born Otis Williams Jr.) is a man who fulfills many roles. At the age of 26, he is a rapper, member of the rap group 1017 Brick Squad, and founder of vanity label 32 Entertainment, which he has used as an outlet to release several mixtapes. Growing up in Atlanta, GA and parented by a single mother at first, mixtapes were far from his mind. OJ da Juiceman was shot eight times as a result of an unsuccessful drug deal before his music career could even begin. However, he lived in the same apartment building as rapper Gucci Mane. Eventually, their relationship would result in musical partnership. It wouldn’t be long before his mixtapes gained recognition, but such an event was still a few years away. After graduating from high school, he became a successful member of the United States Naval Academy. However, Williams strongly desired to combine his philosophical musings with musical ability and begin his career as a rappr. Ultimately, he shared his artistic vision through musical collaboration and mixtape alike.

OJ’s credits grew steadily until he had accumulated over 15 mixtape contributions with various rappers in the industry. With such a solid list of work to his name, surely many aspiring rap artists count OJ Da Juiceman Mixtapes among their own music collection!OJ da Juiceman worked hard at his craft until he had released over a dozen mixtapes. Many of these were partnerships between famous DJ’s such as DJ Drama and DJ Smallz, just to name a few. Once it seemed certain that his mixtape had reached the hands and ears of his target audience, OJ da Juiceman made an effort to further establish himself in the rapping world. 2009 was a particularly busy year for him as he not only signed to the Asylum Records label, but also founded his own record company, a vanity label known as 32 Entertainment. His debut album, “The Otha Side Of The Trap” was released under Asylum Records and contained both new, and previously released mixtape tracks. It also featured a collaboration with OJ da Juiceman’s former apartment neighbor, Gucci Mane. OJ da Juiceman further solidified his reputation in the music industry when offered his talents to tracks featuring R. Kelly and Jadakiss.


Source by Ari Allon


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