Liposuction in Dogs? Believe It!


At a time when beauty is important and affects the lifestyle of each and everyone of us, it turns out everyone is concerned with how they look. A subject tackled by the series “Nip/Tuck,” we all have our insecurities and these two dashing surgeons Sean and McNamara are here to grant us our aesthetic wishes.

Pushing the envelope further, pet owners also have an ideal perception of how their canines should look like. Dog liposuction is costly. It’s like buying an airline ticket for your dog when you take him with you to trips. This vanity of all vanities are still pursued by those who could afford it.

It may sound outrageous, but dogs in California are getting wrinkle removal. It is like their owner’s concern on their faces are rubbing off on these barking hounds. But do not expect this trend to go trickling down to the other states aside in the City of Angels.

Veterinarians at the College of Veterinary Medicine see through the entire process. They believe that canine surgery is not really for the benefit of the dog, but for the benefit of their owners. Can you believe that there is also dog liposuction and implants?

Wrinkle removal is advised to dogs with skin lesions and infections. From old age, some canine experience facial folds that must be removed. For sharp-nosed breed of dogs, creases must be regulated.

Liposuction is conducted as a final option for dogs that have problems losing weight. For health reasons, just like human beings, dogs must also achieve their ideal weight. Too thin and too fat can be unhealthy for our four-legged best friends.

But if you look back in the history of dog cosmetics, this is not an entirely new process. Over the years, dogs have been brought to dog clinics where they get their ears trimmed and their tails docked. There is also the neutering of the testicles and injection of serum for female dogs in order to prevent mating and getting pregnant.

Also, veterinarians specializing in ophthalmology have succeeded in implanting surgical eyes to replace those that have been damaged due to glaucoma. Yes, like people, dogs too can have glaucoma.

As for cosmetic surgery such as liposuction in dogs, West Hollywood banned the activity from occurring, viewing it as a form of animal torture. Taking a firm “No!” stand, West Hollywood sees dog liposuction as a form of animal mutilation.

They want people to see their dogs as perfect canines. By keeping it natural and keeping it real, they do not have to engage in dog liposuction to achieve their idea of beauty when it comes to their canines.

Sure you see Paris Hilton with Tinkerbell and that’s a cute dog. You see Charlize Theron with her four mutts. You see Lucy Liu playing with her two Pomeranians. It is a thrill seeing these beauties playing with their pets and it is also more thrilling seeing these pets in a totally cute light but that is not entirely possible. Like with humans, no dog is perfect.

If your pet has problems with weight, there is no need to resort to liposuction. You can just control what you feed him and how often you feed it to him. The whole process of liposuction might be traumatizing for your dog. Do you want your pet to carry that burden all his “short” life?


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Source by Charlene Nuble


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