What Types of Lighting Are Commonly Used in a Bathroom?


Lighting helps you clearly see the mirror when you’re grooming, ensures you can see where items are for safety’s sake, and sets the mood for the beautiful bath you’ve put together. There are all together four types of lighting which are commonly using in the bathroom nowadays, such as ambient, task, accent, and decorative lighting.

Ambient lighting: is the main layer of light in a room. It is provided by ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures as well as natural sources, such as windows and skylights. Ambient lighting should include about one watt of incandescent light per square foot – two watts if the bulbs are recessed. When using fluorescent fixtures, provide one watt for every two to three square feet.

Accent lighting: highlights objects and adds depth and shade to the room. Lighted toe kicks, up light cans, and picture-frame lights are examples of this layer. Wall fixtures and sconces offer excellent sources of accent and task lighting for bathrooms. Most sconces include some type of shade – either fabric, frosted glass, or ceramic – that reduces glare and adds decorative flair.

Task lighting: provides illumination for specific purposes, such as lighting a vanity or bathing area or a shower. Task lighting is about practicality, and in a bathroom the lighting around the vanity mirror is crucial. It’s important to see yourself as others see you, and that means having adequate, color-correct light that neither romanticizes your reflection nor detracts from it. The most effective solution is to have one fixture on each side of the mirror. Ideally, the fixtures should be separated by about 30 inches. This position changes slightly if the room is extremely large or has unusually high ceilings.

Decorative lighting: supplies light for the ambient layer, but its main purpose is to draw attention to fixtures themselves, such as sconces and chandeliers. Special light effect can be dramatic and appealing as a design element. Some people also believe light can soothe emotions and promote physical health.


Source by Kok Yong Cheah


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