The Blue and White Kitchen – Still Popular As Ever in 2015


Sometime last year in 2016, the blue and white kitchen trend took off. Decorators all over the United States wearer securing grey, blue and white shaker cabinets with simple accents stainless or white appliances clean lines and if bright and airy feel. Since then, the trend hasn’t slowed down.

Homeowners love a blue and white kitchen in their beach homes, countryside residences and posh city digs. It works seamlessly with any interior design. Here are some of the most popular additions to the blue and white kitchen.

Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are classic style seen in most kitchens. They are preferred by homeowners because they offer a flexible styling that can be modern, classic or traditional. The clean lines and square corners are easy to work into any design. White shaker cabinets are the prime choice for the blue and white kitchen. The choice of white means that the homeowner or builder will have a clean palate upon which he or she can add colors and the blue and gray ranges.

Even going a little bit more into the realm of stains, one can choose a stain of blue, grey or white shaker cabinets that allows the wood color to shine through a bit. This gives more of a rustic feel.

In addition to white shaker cabinets, blue and gray can also be used. Then, the decorator can add pops of color throughout the kitchen as they so desire. Blue, white and gray are easy colors to work with. When it comes to choosing knobs or pulls for the white shaker cabinets, one should go with metal finishes for a modern kitchen and perhaps glass, ceramic or bronze for a country or classic style.


When it comes to choosing appliances for the blue and white kitchen trend, most go with stainless steel. This is due in part to its previous popularity that hasn’t waned much, but also because it’s in the gray palette of colors. There are two other options for appliance finishes, they include basic white and refrigerators that mimic cabinetry.

Decorative of clients panels that match cabinets are very popular choice this year. They offer a great way to conceal your appliances and create a seamless look of cabinetry within the kitchen. We’ve there are some specifications of the appliance when it comes to the trim kit, so one should make sure all is compatible before investing.

Backsplashes, Flooring and Counter tops

Other important elements of the blue and white kitchen include backsplashes flooring and countertops. When choosing these finishes, it’s important to look at what’s already there and keep in mind the overall theme.

The backs plashes the perfect area to add a little color. For example, one can choose a plain white tiled backs plash that add some blue glass. This is just one idea, or course. The sky is the limit for backs plashes and they actually play a very important role in adding interest around white shaker cabinets. Another idea is to match the backsplash to the knobs or pulls. Popular counter tops include marble, granite, concrete and other simple materials; the same goes for flooring.

A blue and white kitchen carries simplicity with subtle decorative items as well. As long as the designer keeps in mind that it shouldn’t feel cluttered, then it will will turn out absolutely perfect. Fun can be had with statement lighting, some bold wallpaper, whimsical window dressings and more. The decorator can easily capture their personality in the design when working with basic elements to include white shaker cabinets, simple backs plashes and solid colored counter tops. Explore the options by browsing online or picking up some interior design catalogs.


Source by S Daniel


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