Save Big on a Remodel and Still Have a Dreamy Kitchen


It’s difficult to estimate how much it’ll cost to remodel a kitchen; as builds and renovations and builds vary greatly. Every kitchen has its differences, and every homeowner has a varying list of priorities and desires when it comes to designing the perfect space to have family time or make their next culinary creation. Upon researching and shopping for the various elements for a new kitchen everyone will find there are things they splurge on and things they save on.

Cabinets are likely the biggest expense when it comes to the remodel; thankfully this is a place where one can save some money if they make the right choices. Consider some of the following options when shopping for cabinets and save up to 50 % on the entire remodel by doing so.

Online kitchen cabinets

Buying online kitchen cabinets can save a fortune! There are many reasons why this is the case. Online kitchen cabinets do not need to be shown in a store; therefore, the company saves on all the expenses that go along with running one including staffing, electrical, cleaning and maintenance.

Usually online kitchen cabinets are housed in a warehouse and come direct from the manufacturer, this saves oh so much! Buyers will be thrilled at how much, and may even be able to splurge when it comes to style and building materials for their dream cabinets.


RTA or ready-to-assemble are often less expensive than those cabinets that are already put together. Rest assured, anyone can put a kitchen cabinet together and as a bonus they will know that they are sturdy and well assembled because they did it themselves.

Do not fall for the old adage that RTA cabinets are “cheaply made” or lesser than others. Many come in hardwood versions and are super high-quality, it just requires some searching. It definitely pays to consider RTA cabinets, which can also be ordered as online kitchen cabinets in many of the most popular styles for 2016 and beyond. They can also be custom when purchased from the right company.

USA Made

Savings come on the back end when ordering USA made, online kitchen cabinets. They may cost a bit more up front but they are longer-lasting and usually come with a better warranty. Stick with US made cabinets and reap the benefits for years with a quality product that is also much safer than its overseas competitors.

Save on Other Components

There are other areas of a kitchen remodel where one can save in order to splurge on the cabinets. After all, the cabinets are basically the centerpiece of any beautiful kitchen remodel. Here are some other things to consider when doing a remodel.

The backsplash – choose a cheaper material for now, as it’s very easy to upgrade later when it comes to the backsplash. Picks such as stainless steel or copper sheeting are lovely and inexpensive. Some even go with a Plexiglas backsplash and add material behind it for a unique look.

Faucet – There are plenty of great faucets for under $100 on the market. Save that money for the cabinets and choose a faucet that’s a bit lower end but that comes from a well-known brand name.

Appliances – When it comes to appliances the least used is the oven as most depend mostly on their cook top, microwave and convection ovens for cooking. If stainless is desired there are many faux finishes that look stainless, but are longer-lasting, easier to maintain and cheaper! Consider when purchasing appliances which will see the most wear and tear. Typically, these are the range top and refrigerator.

Keeping all this in mind, one should be able to get the kitchen of their dreams all on a budget!


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