Potential Problems With Pull-Out Kitchen Trash Cans


Throughout the years many customers have had our company install pull-out trash cans in their kitchen cabinetry. I realized the problems of having one of these roll-out units when I included one in the design of my own cupboards. Although there are some advantages, I feel that there are more cons than pros to having these slide out units installed in the kitchen cabinetry.

Slide Mechanism Gets Bent

One of the biggest problems we had with ours is that the children (pre-teens and teenagers) would smash the trash down in the can and the force would cause the slide mechanism to get bent out of shape. Even though I would politely ask them to not do this inevitably, they would force the contents downward because they were too lazy to take out the full bag outside and replace it with a new one. I had even installed the heavy-duty roll-out trash can and we still had issues with the slides getting bent. Well, when you have six to ten kids on the weekends something’s bond to get bent. The main thing is that the parents don’t get bent out of shape.

The Odors Linger in the Cabinetry

It’s a rather distasteful smell when the trash has not been taken out for a few days or perhaps spoiled meat, such as chicken was forgotten about and left in the cabinets pull-out trash can. Over time, even though the interior of the cupboard gets cleaned thoroughly with bleach, Lysol, Formula 409 or Pine Sol, there is still an unpleasant aroma that begins to form as the cabinetry ages and the kitchen is subjected to regular use.

Although the pull-out trash can is a nice add-on or extra to have in the kitchen cabinet design, I’d consider finding a different place to put the trash can if that’s a viable option. Even if you don’t have teenagers to break the slides on the unit, the odors that accumulate inside the cupboards remain even after performing a thorough cleaning. Among the problems, another one is that sometimes the can does not extend past the drawer above it far enough and every time you remove the canister it tends to hit the drawer front.


Source by Jordy Christo


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