Famous Stars And Straps By Travis Barker


It’s interesting to see that stars – from actors and actresses to rockers and performers – would always have a vanity label that they made out of using their fame, and the usual pint of blood, sweat and tears.

Here we have Famous Stars and Straps founded by Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker back in December of 1999. The company has come a long way since then from being simply a vanity label for kids of the 2000’s. Since then, it has become a renowned brand for both Guys and Gals t-shirts, jackets, hats, socks, buckles, bags, skateboard decks and other scene related merchandise. There is even a Famous Stars & Straps New Era Hat travel Case or to put it simply, a traveling bag shaped just for baseball caps.

Famous Stars and Straps offices can be found right smack dab in Ontario, California which birthed the “F” logo – also known as the ‘Badge of Honor’ – created by RockDaMullet to represent the FSAS brand for Travis Barker. Since most of the slogans and letterings of the prints in their companies merchandise start with the letter F, anyone can easily spot the “F” logo on Family, Faith and Friends. There is also the FSAS Family consisting of having skateboard, BMX, and motorcycle stunt teams that you can usually see on Blink-182 music videos. They usually wear Famous Stars and Straps clothing as a way to promote the brand. You can also see their clothes being worn by other famous stars such as Kim Kardashian, Eminem, and other punk rockers.

Everyone can easily get from online and clothing shops that sell scene related clothing for skaters and riders Famous Stars and Straps merchandise. From the online reviews that you can read, you can see that a lot of people love what they get from this famous company. Since they have a unique look for the punk scene, it’s easily one of the most popular choice of clothing brand for a worldwide audience of punks, skaters, riders, and stars.

Travis Barker’s brand has certainly enraptured generations of people to wear their name in order to denote them as a group from their shirts, to bags to caps and to skateboards. They now have a family that is as famous as the stars wearing it.


Source by Nico B Rama


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