Bathroom Vanity Fixtures – A Brief Introduction to These Wonderful Furnishings


Bathroom vanity fixtures – if carefully selected – will truly offer the best of both worlds. These pieces offer ultra-stylish and dramatic designs that are coupled with functional features as well. Whether you’re looking for the traditional or modern chic fixtures, there’s bound to be one that’ll meet your standards and budget.

Bathroom vanity fixtures are composed of a counter top and, depending on the type, cabinets and drawers that are situated underneath the sink. The storage compartments are usually large enough to accommodate different items, such as washcloths, towels, chemical cleaning products, and toiletries. Most of the bathroom vanity products out there are delivered at your doorstep as fully-integrated fixtures with faucet and sink insets already available.

There are two broad categories of bathroom vanities being offered today in the market. You have the freestanding vanity and the built-in vanity types. The freestanding vanity is the preferred choice for many space-limited bathrooms or powder rooms because of their compact and small construction. The style would range from country-inspired to contemporary designs and can have either straight or curved leg supports. This doesn’t have cabinets, but can have one or two drawers instead.

Compared to the freestanding type, a built-in bathroom vanity has a larger construction with cabinets and drawers to satisfy your need for larger storage spaces. The wooden structure is typically made using hardwood materials, such as walnut, mahogany, and oak. Depending on the product, built-in vanities could accommodate at least a single or double sink. Contemporary vanity designs even have vessel sink bowls that rest on granite or glass counter tops.

These fixtures can be on the pricey side – how does $200 to $2,000 more or less price sound to you? Since it’s quite an investment, you should definitely take the time to do some preparatory steps before shopping for one. The first thing to do is to measure the available space in your bathroom – the average widths of bathroom vanities range from 18-inches to 48-inches. If more than one person is going to use the fixture, you might want to consider buying those that have double sinks (considering that you have enough available space for a large structure).

It’s really not that hard to find the right bathroom vanity style that’ll fit the overall theme of your bathroom design. If you want to go Victorian, the traditional vanity fixture would surely do that job perfectly well. Other bathroom vanities, on the other hand, have simpler and cleaner look that’ll suit a modern bathroom. A cottage-style bathroom vanity has very stylish and elaborate designs. It also has that comfortable feel to it that adds to the whole character of any room.

There are currently different brands for bathroom vanities in the market. These are American Standard, Porcher, Empire, and Virtu. When shopping for these bathroom vanity fixtures, remember that functionality, reasonable price, and style should always come hand in hand.


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